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AI  has the potential to affect our lives and work everyday. When implemented well AI can improve business operations and enable greater efficiency and productivity. Interlace is making significant investment in the field of AI. Adoption of AI for finance, tech, health care is gaining momentum. Interlace has started with developing solutions for some common time consuming activities such helpdesk ticket classification and email classification.

Interlace is developing AI solutions for the most important field of human life – agriculture.

Our Offerings:

  • Digital Agriculture Using AI:  Our AI solution encompasses computer vision technology and data analysis. The primary objective of this development is to monitor the condition of soil and crops, enabling us to identify healthier crops and those affected by diseases. Additionally, our AI system aids in mitigating soil erosion, estimating crop yields, facilitating optimal growth conditions for plants, and ultimately reducing the labour-intensive nature of farming by providing valuable suggestions to farmers.

    Furthermore, our solution allows for the creation of mobile and web-based applications. Through these applications, farmers can access live results and stay updated on the status of their crops.

  • AI Based Auto Ticket Assignment System: In the majority of IT organizations, the process of assigning incidents to the appropriate IT groups is still done manually. However, at Interlace, we offer a solution to save time and resources through our Auto Ticket Assignment System, which provides the necessary guidance.

    Our system utilizes Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms and AI-based Auto Ticket Assignment to accurately assign tickets to the appropriate teams based on category, priorities, and agent skills. This facilitates faster resolution, which is our ultimate goal.

    Currently, we have implemented this service in our project SWP (TN Single Window Portal for Building Planning Permission) for efficiently handling end user queries and complaints received instantly in the OTRS tool.

    Our AI-based Auto Ticket Assignment System, understands the context of the tickets and allocates them to the relevant professionals, resulting in time and resource savings. In conclusion, our Auto Ticket Assignment System offers a more efficient and effective approach for incident assignment in IT organizations.

  • AI Based Email Classification: Our proposed solution entails the implementation of a system that classifies emails into predetermined categories, thereby enabling prompt and appropriate action to be taken. This is achieved through the automation of email classification using Natural Language Processing (NLP), which facilitates the seamless integration of a solution that automatically assigns emails to the appropriate service, team, or individual within the organization.

    By utilizing AI classification, incoming emails can be sorted into various categories such as spam, important, newsletter, among others. This approach significantly enhances efficiency, particularly when dealing with high volumes of emails, and ultimately saves valuable time.