IT Infrastructure services

Converged Networking & IPV 6

Converged Networking & IPV 6

The word “CONVERGENCE” reshapes the business values to the next level. Interlace offers visionary services, preparing an organization to set up a reliable and secure next generation network. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is the key essence in the business transformation world that automates the success by enhancing workplace efficiency using a combination of real time collaborative data, voice and video solutions.

Routing and Switching

Interlace provides robust, reliable and secure network services by providing an appropriate network solution to SME and large enterprises by using industry leading vendor in Routers and Switches. We also provide affordable and ease of maintenance network solution by using the hybrid network solution.

Software defined networking (SDN) will accomplish efficient resource utilization, increased flexibility and network orchestration. Our engineered services are based on industry best practices and configured by skilled professionals to provide optimal performance. We aim to future proof our services, we use network diagnostic approach and we can seamlessly migrate to IPv6.



Simplified workplace is always a kind of comfort to the employees. To meet the challenges of BYOD, it is important to setup Wire free workplace that simplifies the work culture and also delivers great experience to the end users.

Our expertise prefers industry’s best practices and through our system integration we add significant value to the OEM products. Our value addition results in customized services that meet real time challenges in different verticals such as Education, Hospitality, Public Wi-Fi, Retail & Warehouse, IoT. , Hospitality, Public Wi-Fi, Retail & Warehouse, IoT, etc.

Backhaul Connectivity

Backhaul Connectivity is designed based on the customer outlook to reduce the capital expenses and to arrive at an optimized ROI. Our team of experts always commission high performance, long range back haul connectivity into different set of configurations listed below:

  • Point to Point
  • Point to Multi Point

Our customized wireless backhaul networks are an alternative for wired/fibre networks to minimize the capital and operational expenses in different locations of connectivity ranging anywhere between a Smart City, Rural Connectivity, Leased line replacement, IoT, Disaster recovery, Surveillance and elsewhere.

IT Security and Business Continuity

Cyber security plays a vital role in every organization to have a safe environment by advanced protection of data, users and networks. Our cutting edge security services can provide comprehensive security architecture through Unified threat prevention, endpoint security and application control.

We concentrate on providing advanced security protection by aligning with up to date solutions and we manage security policies effectively to ensure a secure and cordial work environment.

Business continuity is in line with our organizational growth and will be managed by optimized design, periodic analysis and validation.

Communications and Collaborations

People interactions are a core element of business growth. Therefore, building a collaborative environment between their employees, clients and vendors are very essential in today’s universal market. IP Telephony, voice mail, video calls, instant messaging, chats and digital marketing are preparing the space for collaboration. Our offerings are

  • Unified Communication and Collaborations
  • Tele presence and Video Conferencing
  • AV Solution
  • Video Walls
  • Digital Signage
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