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IT Consulting Services

Information Technology is rapidly changing the face of global economic development

IT Infrastructure Services

Enterprise Computing, Converged Networking, Surveillance and Access control

Custom Software Development

Interlace offers the best-in-class application development service with a choice of technologies

Mobile Application Development

Interlace offers the Mobile application development services by considering various factors

Professional Services

Interlace professional services delivers the client with reliable and efficient professionals in building

Enterprise Application Management Services

Enterprise Application Services at Interlace offers packaged application and platform-led services


Interlace Laboratory Management System (ILMS) is a highly efficient Laboratory Management Software

Pharma ERP

Interlace Pharma Enterprise Resource Planning System (Pharma ERP) is a customized production management software

iFILMS® | Expedition™ | Stem_Risk_Pipeline™

iFILMS® predicts internal localized pitting corrosion rate of carbon steel. Expedition™ predicts external localized corrosion rate as well as external Stress-Corrosion Cracking (SCC) rates of carbon steel. Stem_Risk_Pipeline™ is the one-stop solution to effectively and economically reduce the risk in pipelines.

Mind Poll

Mind Poll helps to collect the feedback and suggestions of an each and every individual for organization wise analysis.

Human Resources Management System

A well-run business needs a strong, talented workforce. Business owners face a range of HR

Oil and Gas

In Oil and Gas industry, corrosion is one of the most common problems


e-Governance is the application of Information technology to connect or bridge the gap