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iFILMS® predicts internal localized pitting corrosion rate of carbon steel for oil and gas pipelines and facilities. Many leaks and failures are due to internal localized pitting corrosion. iFILMS® helps oil and gas industry to minimize failures and leaks due to internal corrosion and thereby leads to uninterrupted operation, cost savings, safe environment and enhanced corporate reputation.

iFILMS® Uniqueness

iFILMS® is the only software that predicts internal Localized Pitting Corrosion Rate.

  • Predicts corrosion damage mechanisms (CDMs) :
    • Localized pitting corrosion (LPC)
    • Flow-induced localized corrosion (FILC)
    • Microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC)
    • Under-deposit corrosion (UDC)
    • Top of the line corrosion (TLC)
    • Erosion-corrosion (EC)
    • Corrosion-under coating (CUC)
  • Accounts for variation of LPC rate based on CDMs, time, length of the pipeline, and changes in the elevation profile and in the operating conditions
  • Includes effects of corrosion mitigation strategies (cleaning pigs, corrosion inhibitors, biocides, internal coatings/linings) and accessories
  • Integrates data from monitoring techniques and ILI to enhance reliability
  • Applicable to sour (up to 60 %) and sweet fields
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