Expedition™ predicts external localized corrosion rate as well as external Stress-Corrosion Cracking (SCC) rates of carbon steel for oil and gas pipelines and facilities. Many leaks, ruptures and incidences are due to external localized pitting corrosion and SCC. Expedition™ helps oil and gas industry to minimize failures, ruptures and leaks due to external localized corrosion and SCC, and thereby leads to uninterrupted operation, cost savings, safe environments and enhanced corporate reputation.

Expedition™ Uniqueness

  • Integrates data collected during the laboratory selection and qualification of coatings to project an early indication of the performance.
  • Adopts and adjusts Corrosion Damage Mechanisms (CDMs) and corrosion rates (projected from laboratory data) based on the field conditions and field operating conditions.
  • Validates CDMs and corrosion rates (from field operating conditions) based on field above-ground survey.
  • Quantifies CDMs and corrosion rates (from field above-ground survey) based on inline inspection (ILI).
  • Verifies CDMs and corrosion rates (from field above-ground survey or ILI) based on field below-ground inspection.
  • Logically derives information from the available data, i.e., the user is not restricted due to unavailability of data in developing effective and economical integrity management program to control external corrosion and SCC.
  • Provides the users the essence of 175+ standards in an user-friendly, cost-effective and prompt manner.

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